The Adventure Begins

Our first release – Rescue From Goblin Deep – has been Greenlit and approved for release on Steam.

It goes live at 9PM Pacific Time, which is about 5AM here in the U.K.

Lots of work out of the way.  Lots more to come, I expect.  Let the adventure begin.

15th March 2015

15th March 2015


My name is Jack Bedlam.  I’ve been messing around on levels 5 and 6 and i’ve got to tell you, it feels like somebody is pulling my strings.  You ever get that feeling?  Like some otherworldly stranger is watching your life unfold like the pages of a storybook.  Even guiding it?

Fanciful nonsense of course.

Levels 5 and 6 of Goblin Deep seem to have become a little more balanced.  There are fewer goblins, but they seem to have all gotten tougher.  Which can make some of them pretty damn scary, even for a bad ass like me.

It’s good news that my minions allies actually stand still when I tell them to, now.  It’s really not a good idea for them to just be wandering around.  They’re helpful, but sometimes it feels like they are stealing my experience.  Which I hate.  Little bastards.

Instead of just always fighting them same, I have learnt to choose between “attack” and “defensive” style.  I’m an enthusiastic kicker of goblin butt, so as you might imagine that means I spend a lot of time in “attack” mode.  That nearly got me killed today.  Note to self: sometimes you’ve got to fight on the front foot, sometimes on the back foot.

I don’t seem to be quite as tough as I was.  Previously, I barely needed the rest of the team.  That’s changed.  Obviously, being a Rogue Extraordinaire, I’m still the toughest guy around.  Horace thinks otherwise, but that fat lump of lard isn’t tough.  He’s just really, really heavy.  Most monsters he kills, he just sits on them, I’m sure.